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Carrying Concealed: 7 Purses You'll Want ASAP

Carrying Concealed: 7 Purses You'll Want ASAP

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.49.44 PM.png

In colors black, nude and saddle, this bohemian-chic bag is especially ideal for concealed carry because of its key-locking CCW zipper pocket and its ballistic Nylon lining.  

Photo Credit: CoronodoLeather.com

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Numb Warrior Pack, WCCouture, $239

The unique strap system on this bag allows you to carry this purse in 8 different ways.  Handmade, quality leather with two internal compartments with tension bands safely secure your handgun in place.  

Photo Credit: WCCouture on Etsy

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 1.47.35 PM.png

Aya Concealed Carry Clutch or Crossbody Bag, GunGoddess.com, $79.99

The concealed carry pocket on this one is located in the back, and the three-sided zipper allows for easy access to the handgun from multiple angles.   Plus, with the removable strap, I love how this can easily switch to a clutch for a night out.

Photo Credit: GunGoddess.com

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Helen Hobo, Coronado Leather, $329

With a key-locking external zipper for concealed carry purposes, this is an excellent secure option for your daily routine.  Featuring cowhide leather and brass hardware, this is a chic yet durable choice.

Photo Credit: CoronadoLeather.com


Aurora Concealed Carry Backpack, GunGoddess.com, $89.99

I am a little biased towards this one because this is the one that I own and carry!  But.  I am obsessed.  (I realize this word is overused, but I felt like the drama was necessary to convey how much I truly love this backpack.)  The teardrop zipper down the front allows easy access to the main compartment, while the concealed carry pocket is in the back.  The concealed carry pocket has access through zippers on both sides for a quick, easy draw if the need should arise, and it comes equipped with a universal, velcro-adjustable holster inside.  The pocket fits my Springfield Armory XD-S perfectly, but the pocket is big enough to handle any full-sized handgun.  

Casual Carrie Compact Carrie in Mustard, ConcealedCarrie.com, $109.

The silver chain seen in the photo can be purchased from ConcealedCarrie.com for $15, otherwise this great purse can be used as a clutch.  This bag has two zippered compartments:  one that can easily hold credit cards, cash, IDs and car keys, and the other adjacent hook and loop-lined compartment that it designed to fit your personal firearm.  It's best suited to house your single stack or sub-compact handgun.  

Photo Credit: ConcealedCarrie.com

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.07.06 PM.png

Purse Defender, Crossbreed Holsters, $52.95

I realize this isn't a purse, but if you want to purse carry in a bag you already have -- this is an excellent option for you.  The Velcro-lined L-shaped Kydex panel fits securely in your purse, keeping your gun stabilized, and the handcrafted modular holsters fits a variety of small to medium-sized handguns.  For a complete list, click "Shop It" below.  

Photo Credit: CrossbreedHolsters.com

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