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Holiday Style Guide for Concealed Carry

Holiday Style Guide for Concealed Carry

Hey 2nd Babes!

It’s officially the beginning of holiday season - which means it’s officially one of the best times of the year! There’s always such a magical feeling in the air, and call me crazy, but I actually enjoy the cozy, warm-and-fuzzy feeling that accompanies the fact that it gets dark around 4pm. (After January 1st is a different story haha.)

It also means so much more time spent with friends and family, eating the best comfort food that is usually reserved for this time of year (like family Thanksgiving recipes and special Christmas desserts - yassss) and all of the fun, festive holiday parties.

AND when we’re talking about concealed carry, the colder temps mean that dressing around your firearm is much easier than during the less-clothed seasons of summer and early fall.

After my last episode of How To Carry Concealed For Women where I try on clothes in Target, I wanted to test my ability to pick out concealed carry clothing online. Since honestly, that is how I do 99.9% of my shopping - as I’m sure many of you do, too! And I also wanted to explore how to make some holiday party outfits work for concealed carry as well.

So watch below for my latest CCW clothing video! All the current styles and trends for the holidays that translate well into carrying for women.

(*Of course, I have to add the disclaimer that if you choose to carry during a holiday party, you should abstain from alcohol. And I’m sure all of you responsible gun owners out there already know and understand that <3)

Outfit #1: Oversized Sweater

I just purchased this sweater a few days ago and it’s already sold out! Agh! I still linked to the sweater on Lulu’s so you can sign up to be notified when it restocks if you’d like. But good news! It’s still available in all sizes in heather grey. I linked to it above so you can check it out there.

Outfit #2: Peplum Sweater

Outfit #3: Long Tunic

Outfit #4: Silk Kimono, or Silk Accents

My white cami was one that I purchased on Poshmark during my concealed carry challenge, so I linked to a very similar flowy top from Free People below. The white booties in the video are also unavailable because they are from Steve Madden last year - I don’t think he makes this version anymore! - so I linked to another cute option with a chunkier heel and buckle embellishment.

Outfit #5: Leopard Print Skirt

I paired mine with sneakers because it’s still not winter-mode yet here in Texas! But this could easily be paired with tall boots or booties to make it more weather appropriate.

Outfit #6: Leather Midi Skirt

Similar to my comments about the outfit above, although I paired the leather skirt with casual sneakers, you could certainly make this more holiday appropriate with high heeled boots or the quick addition of a sweater as shown on the model below.

Outfit #7: Matching Sweater Set

Outfit #8: Tie Front Top with a Blazer

Outfit #9: Metallic Camisole

Outfit #10: Wrap Cardigan

Outfit #11: Flirty Wrap Top

Although this top isn’t ideal for concealed carry, I found two really awesome pairs of black booties that would compliment this look. (And would pair really well with many of the sweaters in the video!)

Outfit #12: Matching Suit (in Leopard!)

Outfit #13: Cocktail Attire

Outfit #14: Matching Athleisure Set

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