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 7 Skin-Quenching Tips for Winter

7 Skin-Quenching Tips for Winter

It’s officially the heart of winter and at this point in the season, makeup application can be unreasonably difficult. Oftentimes you’re left wondering where to edit your normal beauty routine to accommodate for the dryer temps and your stressed out skin.  Swiping powder eyeshadow over dry lids, or applying blush to an already dry and slightly reddish cheek just doesn’t really do what it normally would if the weather wasn’t so blustering and consistently cold. 

So how do you give your skin a little more pep?  A little more glow right before the Holidays?  Read on:


1.  Mask Up

On top of your daily moisturizer and night cream, opt for a hydrating mask.  They're now available everywhere from CVS to Target, to Sephora and department stores, which makes this quick beauty ritual an easy addition to your routine.  Select the remedy that sounds the most soothing and beneficial for your skin, whether it's brightening, moisturizing or detoxing.  There are even masks especially designed for your lips.  This one pictured below is from Target from Avatara, and is priced at $8.99 for a pack of three.  


Avatara, Drink Up Face Mask - $8.99 for three


2. Go with a Hydrating Foundation

My favorite foundation for years (outside of the awesome $6 one I found earlier last year!) has been this water-based foundation from Make Up For Ever.  It's actually 80% water.  Any foundation that's water-based, though, will have a dewy effect on the skin which is much needed during these peak winter months!  The Water Blend from Make Up For Ever has a buildable coverage, meaning you can adjust how sheer, or full coverage the makeup appears on your skin based on how much you apply, making it extremely versatile for either running errands, or sustaining a full night out.


Make Up For Ever, Water Blend Foundation - $43


3.  Prime, Highlight and Bronze

Start your glow from the bottom to the top.  Using a luminous primer can have a compounding effect when used in conjunction with a hydrating water-based foundation.  The MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion is a great product to try, and a slightly less expensive (but still great) product is the Glowtion Day Dew from Pixi.  But really any brightening primer will do the trick!

After your foundation, choose a highlighter and a bronzer that's liquid or cream to keep the dewy-ness going.  Powder is still fitting for your T-zone and wherever you need to set your makeup, but cream/liquid is your friend for everything else complexion-related to combat the dry weather.  An excellent highlighter is Benefit's High Beam, and my favorite liquid bronzer of the moment is the Custom Enhancer by Cover FX.  The enhancer drops can be used as a bronzer/highlighter alone or mixed in with your foundation for an all-over application.  


Pictured from left to right:  MAC, Strobe Lotion - $33; Pixi, Glowtion Day Dew - $22; Benefit, High Beam - $12; Cover FX, Custom Enhancer Drops - $42

*Although not pictured above, if you'd like a more matte liquid bronzer you may like this: Benefit, Dew the Hoola - $28


4. Drink more Water

Okay I realize this is kind of an obvious one here, but if you're concerned about chapped lips or dry skin oftentimes you can see the quickest improvement from drinking more water.  I'm awful about getting in my daily 8 glasses and the time of year I notice it most is, well, right about now.  Winter.  So drink your H20 and your skin will thank you!  And I will be trying to take my own advice!



5. Keep your circulation going

Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up and you look in the mirror and just feel...puffy.  Ugh.  It's the absolute worst.  Usually mine is prefaced by an order of pad thai, or a few margaritas (aka lots of salt/sodium) and the payback is always what I affectionally refer to as "the puff".  Starting your makeup on a puffy canvas is never much of a winning combo.  In addition to the aforementioned water suggestion, there's a couple tricks to help not only "the puff", but also in doing these you'll improve your blood flow and, voila!  Give your skin a little bit of glow.

  • Hot yoga: Go to hot yoga and break out a massive sweat. Or really any workout where you know you'll get your booty kicked. Incorporating workouts into your routine helps keep your circulation moving, and the process of sweating helps naturally detox you and keeps your skin feeling fresh (after a shower, of course).

  • Invest in a jade, or rose quartz facial roller: Okay, so full disclosure that I've haven't actually tried this yet, but I'm dying to get my hands on one. Jade rolling is supposed to be beneficial in releasing muscle tension in your face, aiding your lymphatic system in the drainage of toxins and stimulating blood flow to your face. All in combination together, jade (or rose quartz) rolling can leave you feeling more relaxed, refreshed and give your skin a glow. (I'm envisioning using one of these after a long plane ride -- how great would that be?!)

Photo Credit:    HerbivoreBotanicals.com


6.  Add a rejuvenating mist

When you're drinking water you're helping to hydrate from the inside-out, but one of my favorite quick techniques for hydrating from the outside-in is using a facial mist.  It might sound like you're just trying to spray unnecessary Evian on your face, but when the water is coupled with vitamins and minerals it really can make a difference in your complexion.  Not to mention, that it actually adds a natural dewy quality to your makeup.  These are two mainstays in my cabinet, but you can experiment with any blend you'd like such as a rose water or a mist infused with B vitamins.


Pictured left to right: Yes To Grapefruit, Pore Perfection Facial Toning Mist - $10.99; GLAMGLOW, GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray - $32


7. Take a Skin Supplement

When all else fails, fight your battle from the inside with skin-enriching vitamins and minerals.  Do your research to ensure you're taking healthy supplements from a reputable brand, but I've tried two that I've really enjoyed: Dr. Perricone's Skin Booster for smoother, brighter skin and Hum Nutrition's Red Carpet vitamin supplement for glowing skin and shining hair.  Both have left my complexion looking more even-toned and have made me look more well-rested.  


Pictured: Perricone MD, Skin Booster - $55

Hum Nutrition, Red Carpet - $25

*Also available at Sephora and department stores

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