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The 2nd Edit: How to Wear Festival Fashion IRL

The 2nd Edit: How to Wear Festival Fashion IRL

You know what time it issssssss - April means Festival Season.  

April could also mean tax season, the start of spring, Easter or Passover...all major things to celebrate!! (Well, except you, tax season.)  But.  If we're talking social media, we're talking Festival Season.  More specifically, Coachella.  

For the record, or for those of you who don't know me personally, I am a major festival fan.  In all seriousness, I've had some of my most favorite memories/moments of my life at music festivals.  I'm a music junkie so that plays a huge role in my true love of festivals, but I also just love the adventure of it.  There's a certain magic in the air when people are collectively celebrating music because the music comes to life in such a tangible way.  You can feel it deep down to your soul.  Everyone is underneath the day or night sky, outside, listening to the same thing, absorbing the same surroundings, having a collective yet individually unique experience. It's pure magic.  

Okay I'm waxing poetic, so I'll get back to my point.  

Festival Season.  There's clothing galore that's specifically geared towards making you the most Coachella-ready you can be and it's marketed everywhere, as I'm sure many of you know! I can't tell you the number of emails, or Instagram posts I've seen about each brand's festival edit.  

But what if you're not going to Coachella this year?! (Me!) Sometimes the festival looks are a little complicated to rock outside of the Empire Polo Grounds because well, they're either designed to keep you cool in hot desert weather (i.e. you're basically wearing a glorified swimsuit, or some version of it), or they're so editorial looking that it's hard to realistically pull it off if you're just going to, say, a brunch or something.  And sadly, the reality is that most of us are not attending Coachella this year.  (Although I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested, it's a wonderful, totally amazing experience!)

So how do you channel those festival vibes in real life?  As in, running to grab coffee, or going-on-a-date real life? Check out the the 2nd Edit below and click the button to shop it! <3   


The Best Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

These jeans (or any boyfriend jean that you prefer) are the epitome of versatile.  Since I purchased them, I've had to resist wearing them almost every day because they're so easy to throw on, and instantly give any outfit a "lived-in" look while still remaining polished.  

Pair some boyfriend jeans with a girly feminine top and heels, or a fitted sweatshirt and sneakers, and it will give you an effortlessly cool vibe.  

Shop more boyfriend jeans:


A 70s-Inspired Feminine Crop Top

This shirt has also been a go-to of mine because of how easily it translates from day to night.  

Coffee run? Sure I'll throw it on.  Happy hour? Sure, it works too.  Date night with C? That works too.  Baseball game? Yep, that too.  

For maximum versatility, the trick is to find one that has a bit of crop but isn't too revealing anywhere else.  Opt for straps if possible and go no-cleavage.  Let the crop do the talking.  (You can of course go with a tube top, or one-shouldered, or plunging cut whenever you want, but this is my recommendation for making your top the most universal.)

The vintage flair on this one makes it extra Coachella-y and I love keeping it simple with jeans.

Shop more crop tops:


Clear Lucite Shoes

Okay so there is a reason I chose to use this far-away photo to show you these shoes.  They basically disappear and elongate your leg.  Trust me you guys, my ankles/calves are not my best feature (I think there's probably a few of my friends chuckling at this comment right now because it's true!)  so the fact that I have found a pair that makes my ankles look slim = groundbreaking.  

Plus, the clear lucite gives me all the dELIA's and Alloy Magazine feels.  (Anyone else wear clear shoes like this to middle school dances??)  So it's a nod to the 90s culture that is so on-trend for festival season, yet you can truly wear the look every day and your legs will thank you.  My cankles do.

Another major plus is that because the lucite is so "in" right now, a version of this shoe is available in just about every heel height from just about every major shoe brand.  These are a good day-to-day height, but you can rock a pair of 4" heels if you do a quick Google search.  You'll have a wide selection to choose from!  

Shop more lucite shoes:


All The Matching Sets.

Want a quick way to simplify styling? Trust a matching set.  So much festival inspo and you can pair the top or bottom with other separates to multiply your outfits.  

This gingham set is one of my favorite things in my closet and I got it 80% off at Nasty Gal (seriously - 80% how crazy is that?!) so sets also come in variety of price points to match whatever occasion you need.  

See some of the other options below for a wide array of options to match your vibe (pun intended).  

Side note: the set I'm wearing is no longer available so I linked to a very similar version from Hello Molly!

Shop more matching sets:


Unique Shades

I've posted about this pair I'm wearing in the photo to the left before.  I love these because the black frames make them classic enough to go with just about everything, but the unique shape makes a statement.  

Statement sunglasses up the ante on just about any outfit, even if you're just wearing a pair of yoga pants and a zip-up.  They will make it look like you styled the look.  

Below check out a few of the other statement sunnies I'm loving right now, or head over to my other blog post dedicated exclusively to sunglasses HERE.

Shop more unique shades:


Layered Jewelry

Layered jewelry just oozes Coachella style.  The more necklaces the better.  The more bracelets the better.  Earrings and ear cuffs and hair glitter and...basically every accessory can be worn all at once.  And it's all good.  

Even if you're not heading to a festival, I also love this kind of look paired with a swimsuit in the summer.  Throw on a cute cover up and you're feeling festival-chic in no time.  

Shop more layered jewelry: 

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