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Episode 2: How to Carry Concealed for Women

Episode 2: How to Carry Concealed for Women

Hi 2nd Babes! Welcome back <3

I’m so excited to release my second episode of my 30-day carrying on-body challenge, How to Carry Concealed for Women.

In case you missed last week’s episode, I challenged myself to carry on-body for 30 days straight with the new Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2 9mm. (Check out the article from last week and the first episode here: Episode 1: How To Carry Concealed for Women, Diving In.)

During episode two, I head back to Dallas where I get settled into my everyday routine and experience carrying on-body while I head to yoga, go out to dinner, register for wedding gifts (ha!), get a spray tan, and encounter various legal signage along the way. You’ll get a little more up-close with the holsters and firearm since I wanted to be sure you could get a sense for how I was carrying and what it looked like under my clothing of choice.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all, and if there’s anything else you’d like me to expand upon during the final two episodes coming out soon.

Continue reading below for details on my holsters and clothing — and click on the images to shop!

Day 8:

Outfit: My tank was a recent purchase on Poshmark (I am in love with the app - I think it’s such a great way to get awesome deals!), however, I found a similar tank on Revolve by the same brand, Cami NYC. (You could also head over to Poshmark and find a tank from Cami NYC you like as well!) And I tried to find pretty similar dupes to the rest of my outfit: a white blazer, and $8 leopard shorts from Shein.

Holster: Stealth Gear USA, carrying in the 3:30-4:00 position.

Belt: I managed to find a really, really close rendition of the belt from Sturgis Guns at Express. There’s a variation of the belt included in the outfit roundup on Day 13 as well.

Day 9:

Outfit: The top I’m wearing in the video is also from Poshmark (can you tell yet that I love Poshmark? haha) so I found a top from Vici Dolls that has the same cut.

The jeans are one of my most-repeated pieces of clothing from GRLFRND and make for great concealed carry jeans because of their ultra-high rise.

Holster: Mermaid Holster with FabriClip from Southern Bullets x Wingman Holsters in the appendix position. I wore a belt over it for extra hold, although you certainly don’t need to because the clip works well against any fabric without the use of a belt. It’s also excellent for yoga pants!

Belt: The same belt from Sturgis Guns - although the dupe from Express is listed below and it looks almost identical!

 Day 10:

Outfit: I constantly return to the pair of high-waisted Kendall jeans from GRLFRND, however I included a similar pair of Levi’s from Urban Outfitters as another option. I think these would work really well for concealed carry because of their dark color and high rise - meaning easier concealment!

The exact shirt I’m wearing in the video is the top from Caroline Constas below (I’ve had it for a few years so I’m so glad I was able to link to it!), but since there are so many shirts like this one available I included a few others that I found.

The shoes from Steve Madden have been a summer staple for me. Highly recommend as a great neutral option. They go with just about everything!

Holster: MD-4 Holster from Sticky Holsters, carrying in the appendix position without a belt.

Belt: N/A

 Day 11:

Outfit #1: I linked to a black pair of yoga pants with camo detailing from Noli Yoga and a similar fleece from Target. (I actually have no idea where I got the fleece in my video! Haha I’ve had it for so long there isn’t a tag.)

Holster #1: Lethal Lace Holster worn around the waist

Belt: N/A

Outfit #2: The shirt in the episode is from Merritt Charles and her line in general is very conducive to carrying concealed. She has really great tops in a variety of cuts and colors, all with a flowy, relaxed fit through the middle so you can still carry without feeling like you’re losing your shape. I linked below to a similar Merritt Charles top.

One of my best purchases this summer was also the clear lucite shoes from Raye. They go with everything and are really comfortable, despite the use of PVC which usually pinches your toes!

Holster #2: Dene Adams Corset Holster in Petite Silver worn around the waist.


Day 12:

Outfit: The leopard print leggings I wear in the video are from SoulCycle about 7 years ago, so I linked to a really cool leopard print pair from Adidas. (They might be my next purchase!)

Unfortunately, my sweatshirt in the video is unavailable too because I made it for an event at Lake of the Ozarks. Instead, I linked to a sweatshirt that might also be my next purchase because it looks cute, comfy and #ILoveYouLosAngeles <3

The Steve Madden shoes in white are a summer outfit repeat of mine. I’ve worn them to death and they still look new. If you’re the market for a pair of sneaks, I’d check them out!

Holster: Pink Cactus Holster with FabriClip from Southern Bullets x Wingman Holsters. This holster is perfect for yoga pants!

Belt: N/A

 Day 13:

Outfit: Believe it or not, the bodysuit I link to below is not the same as the one that I’m wearing in the video — but it’s so close I am thrilled I was able to find it because mine is a few years old and no longer available! It’s pretty much the same bodysuit in a different color.

The jeans have been a staple of mine since their purchase and their baggy, yet high-waisted cut makes them a great option for belting and carrying.

The blazer is a pretty close version of mine in the episode as well! Any black caped blazer should do the trick to come pretty close to a look like this. Just make sure it’s long enough to cover your firearm/holster in the 4:30 position if that’s how you choose to carry! It took me a few blazer swaps to find one that was long enough for concealment.

Holster: Cloud Tuck Hybrid IWB Holster from Ultimate Holsters, worn in the 4:30-5:00 position.

Belt: High-waisted belt from Sturgis Guns, and linked to a similar Express belt below.

Day 14:

Outfit: Black, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt (covered in lint! haha) with my Alexos and LA Dodgers hat. The sweatshirt is no longer available, so I linked to a very similar swap from H&M below. The hat is also a men’s hat — it’s actually Chris’ that I continuously snag from his closet — because I like the way the men’s hat sits on my head the best! (Okay, to be honest, I probably like it best because it’s the most efficient at covering up a bad hair day because it sits lower.)

Holster: Signature Pants from Alexo Athletica. An amazing option if you want a one-stop-shop for carrying concealed. The holster is integrated into the waistband making concealment a breeze - which is much-appreciated after you see in the first episode how many times I change my CCW outfits!

Belt: N/A

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